Reckoning: Protest. Defiance. Resilience. looks at the ways in which visual art has long provided its own protest, commentary, escape, and perspective for African Americans. Reckoning is a testament to how artists and photographers have used their voice to pay tribute to those we have lost, lifting up names such as Eric Garner, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor at demonstrations and in communities online. The show journeys from defiance to resilience to grief and mourning, hope and change.

Truliza Fleming in a black dress with a carmine jacket
Tuliza Fleming , NMAAHC interim chief curator of visual arts.
Photo courtesy Washington Post
The exhibition seeks to forge connections between the Black Lives Matter protests, racial violence, grief and mourning, hope and change.

Guided Tour

Detail An Offering #5 by Stephen Towns, 2017. Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, © Stephen Towns. 2019.25.5ab

Family Guide

Reckoning: Protest. Defiance. Resilience. tells stories of injustice, resistance and courage. Use this Family Guide to introduce these complex ideas and facilitate conversations in developmentally appropriate and meaningful ways for children through questions and activities connected to featured artworks. Note: To best honor children’s developmental and emotional needs, we’ve provided a preview of the sensitive and graphic imagery and audio in the exhibit.